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Grill CleaningWorkhorse Pits

Workhorse Pits Firebox Scraper

The 20" & 24" Firebox Scraper by Workhorse Pits, a vital tool for maintaining your 1957, 1969 & 1975 models. With its raw, clear coat finish and custom design, this...
Grill CleaningHunsaker Smokers

Hunsaker Grill Cleanout Tool

Our Drum Smoker Cleanout Tool is the perfect way to make cleaning your smoker easier. It's made of heavy-duty 11 gauge carbon steel and features a curved edge to match the...
Grill CleaningHasty Bake

Hasty Bake Stainless Steel Grate Scraper

A clean grill grate ensures that your food is not only tasty, but doesn't stick to the grate, and has proper metal contact to achieve the best sear. Traditional wire...